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(I hijacked this rainbow photo off Anne's blog. It was over us on the fourth of July)
Each week as I set out on this blog writing adventure, I generally have no idea what I am going to write. I get out my journal, put on a hat (to increase creativity) and I wait on whatever the Lord wants me to talk about. I wait. 

ro·mance     (-māns', rō'māns') 
    1. A love affair.
    2. Ardent emotional attachment or involvement between people; love:
On the fourth of July my husband and I chased a rainbow in our car. As I stare at the expanse of clouds and the beauty of nature, I find myself thankful to God for the great measures He goes 

to in order to allure us to Himself. He sets brilliant stages and works miraculous things together in order to lavish a sweet healing love on us. The romance of God is overwhelming. Do you take notice of His sumptuous display? Have you allowed your heart to receive the beauty God is trying to offer to you? This is no abstract God that we serve. He is Vibrant, Alive, and Passionate. He's seeking after you.

"Therefore I am going to allure her; I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her."
Hosea 2:14

What is it that God has orchestrated for you right now that you barely notice? Do you return the love He offers you? We can measure the love we have towards God by how much we pour out love on others. What we withhold from them, we withhold from Him. You have been set out with a purpose to create, inspire, and allure the world to the tender God who made them. (Did you read The Shack yet? I love how they refer to God as Papa.)
What can you do right now to show one person the love God offers? 

"Life is Art." - Maya Angelou

I believe there is an inescapable yearning inside us as we enter into the torrid affair one gets in with the Holy Spirit. He offers us life outside of Hamburger Helper. 

When we create, we inspire others.
*pictures from Umlauf Sculpture Garden, Zilker Botanical Garden, and exciting Kyle, TX.
© Stephanie Cherry 2008


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