Public Restrooms

Happy Memorial Day!

I have had many thoughts running through my brain this week. Shocker, I know. Two ideas keep popping up to me: How we issue kindness and how little we focus on God. 

I have noticed something in the people around me (myself included). We judge others according to our strengths. Let me illustrate with kindness: Let's say I am really good at being kind to my family and I judge you because you are not kind to your family... even though I am unkind to, say, poor people. Or I judge you because of how you raise your kids... only comparing that to the strengths I have in my child rearing. The fact of the matter is that we are all unkind. We are just unkind to different people like in-laws, extended family, people at church, people at work, etc.  The point I am making is that 
we need to extend grace to one another as we wade through this adventure of Christianity. 

How do you extend grace and truth without condemning?You can share points and model them. Don't judge others by how you live your life. This goes both ways. Don't let others opinions of you rob you of help, encouragement, and change. If you abuse your children, get help. If you are committing adultery, get help. If you are gossiping, get help. Don't let someone's opinion rob you of blessing. I have personally found that people will find something to talk about. Even if you live a flawless life. The carnality
 of gossip will create conflict. That is it's nature. Pursue Christ and His good opinion. May others be challenged by your life. 

Truly turn your focus to Christ. I think part of our stifled growth is because we filter God through the window of self. We 
relate God to our human weaknesses and attempt to apply Him like salve to a wound. The objective is to look away from self. Look away from how the things that other people do affect you. Look full on His wonderful face. The powerful secret is that the more you look at Him, the less you focus on you. The less you focus on you, the more you look like Him. 

Don't settle for a third party relationship. Rekindle your love relationship with God. Start a friendship. God doesn't have any grandchildren. He is more than books about Him. He is a the Word become flesh.
Be grateful. I hate public restrooms. As I stepped into one this past week I wanted to vomit. In that moment God reminded me of a story that I read about a man and his family who lived in a public toilet and were evicted. They were fighting to get to live in the bathroom again. People live in public restrooms. People are grateful to live in public restrooms. Be grateful. 

It's not popular to share truth. People won't like you. I can guarantee it. They will be offended by your confidence in Christ. They will pick you apart. If you truly love people, you will not stroke their ego for the sake of truth. Truth balanced by love. Be careful that you share truth in humility. May the Lord give you an accurate view of self and pour out a humble spirit on your heart.

Pictures from The Children's Museum at Baylor University.


Anne Smith said…
there are sooo many pictures of denbigh. it's like you are in love with him or something.
Tiffany Atwood said…
Love the pink!

I have really enjoyed these last two entries - very thought provoking. Can you speak more about what it means to do battle? What does that look like?

Love you, Stephanie!

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