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Miss Crinkle Nose
I often joke about getting a t-shirt printed that says, "I'm Offensive." I find it seriously funny that I have come to offend people and do so quite regularly. Boy do I. I make people mad. Christians say that the whole world can have differing opinions about things except for them. People get angry when we say homosexuality is sin or that we don't want to kill unborn children. We are dubbed "intolerant." I must say that we also have this mentality inside the body of Christ. If you home school or have a large family, I am sure you know what I mean. People are against you right out of the gate. When I talk about having a big family, most every Christian says that there are horrible days ahead of me. The worst part is coming. They are horrible when they. . .  In the past year (Laomai is almost one!) I thought that I must have a perfect baby because I never even one day felt any of the negative things I was told I would feel. I just recently realized that our sweet little girl is pretty normal although laid back. It's just how you choose to deal with it. I choose patience and love in training her to have godly character. 
I pray for that every day. 

In the Captivating study we are asked if we feel like we are too much ( high maintenance ) or not enough for others. Today I was thinking about baby countenance and self-esteem. Do we begin telling our children that they are too much or not enough as soon as they are born? When we are impatient, more rude than we would ever be to anyone else, or treat them like they are far too much to deal with, I think we plant those seeds. I find myself wanting to affirm children at HEB all the time. You can tell that they are told lies by their parents (who have no idea what they are teaching their kids). 

When people say negative things to me I always get into an uproar. My number one pet peeve, besides a dirty microwave, is when people say negative things about having more children. Just you wait til they get to this phase... As Christians, why do we try to discourage those who are trying to fulfill a commandment?
Be fruitful and multiply
Why do we say homeschooling is a calling for "others" in a condescending way? I don't believe that. I believe that the Bible says to make disciples of our children. The thing that convicts me is Luke 6:40. It says
,"a student will be like his teacher."
 (I am about to make angry all of my public school teacher friends and the proponents thereof.) I do not know or trust the godly character of any teacher enough for my daughter to grow up to be like them. I am in no way trying to force my convictions onto anyone. I simply think we should evaluate if we are trying to do that to others. Do we try to talk people out of doing what they feel is the best thing for them and their family? Do we try to use funny sarcasm to devalue what others may feel quite convicted about? Is our speech pleasing to God?
Our Life Group is studying Family Driven Faith by Dr.Voddie Baucham (I would rate him in the top 5 most intelligent people I know).  I like him because he does not care who he offends. He studies God's word in a relentless way. I was reading his blog the other day and laughed thinking about all the people he makes mad. I thought I'd give you a snippet. He is addressing the issue of public school.

"I have asked before, and I will ask again, how far do they have to go?  What do they have to do to our children before we will leave?  Do they have to molest our children?  They’ve done that.  Do they have to beat, maim or kill our children?  They’ve done that too.  Do they have to fail to educate our children adequately?  They’ve done that.  Do they have to deny our God and his laws?  They have done that too.  Do they have to lead our children away from Christ and his Church in droves by indoctrinating them in Atheistic Secular Humanism?  Check that one off too.  When will enough be enough?  When will our desire to raise our children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Eph. 6:4) outweigh our addiction to free daycare?"

Please don't think I am judging anyone who is involved in public school. I simply am placing this before you to stir your thoughts.
Happy Birthday, Mike.


Tiffany Atwood said…
Rock ON, my sister! Every time I share about my desire and calling to homeschool my boys (or combo homeschool with a private classical Christian school), the response is interesting. Every single person makes it about them and their choice. Like, "Oh, I could never do that" or "That is a lot of responsibility". It turns into them justifying their choices! Cracks me up...

Thank you for this post. I love you dearly and miss being around you terribly. I praise God for you every day - offend away, my sister!

Anne Smith said…
i love lulu!!!!!!
Stephanie I promise to show the love of Christ to the kids I teach in public school!
Thanks for writing this, it was really encouraging!

Thanks for your post. I attended Voddie's church a little over a year ago beacause I was visiting my sister in Spring. It was awesome expository preaching and the church was so friendly it was like going home. I had a great time.

I really enjoyed reading your blog and I would humbly ask (since you're offensive and all) if you wouldn't mind swinging by my blog @ www.offensivechristians.com/blog and tell me what you think and maybe give me some suggestions.

Keep on offendin'

Stephanie said…
I realize I may have done that. Been discouraging about having more children...and I truly didn't mean to! I LOVE having 3 girls close together, and while it isn't always easy...it is so worth it. So, I want you to know that I support you! And I hope you have a multitude of children. What I have seen of you and your husband, y'all are fantastic parents. And we need more like you out there! And you KNOW I support homeschooling! Right on!

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