Rainy Tuesday

I feel slightly like I have been hit by a Mac truck. It is good though. I feel like I gave birth and then got in the car and hit the road. I have spent only 2 of the last 10 weeks at home. You couldn't drag me out right now. I am tired. In the few moments that we are not moving, I hear the sweet voice of God pushing me forward. Today these words ministered to me:
"the living stone was rejected by men, but chosen by God and precious to Him." Do you ever feel completely rejected? It is hard to remind yourself, but it shows more of the other person than it does you. It shows lack of confidence, grace, and the love that God says will define us. Why is it so hard to love each other? Our one defining characteristic almost never shows through because it is derailed by critical spirits and pride.
This Saturday, after a rockin' Mexican wedding (there were Mariachi!), the Cherry family went to Pipe Creek, Texas to play for our smallest crowd ever. It was one of the most refreshing and fulfilling moments we have had. People were just pleased to see us. It was so humbling to sit and talk with sweet, unassuming people. We also were blessed to see Robert Barge. We met Robert in Santa Anna last fall. God has put a love in our hearts for him that has been unmatched. It was a blessing to visit with him for a few short moments. My personal prayer is that more preachers and teachers would rise up like him. There is no pretense or supposition in his manner. Blessings on you, Robert.
Next week, the 2nd of 2 of my closest friends will move away to fulfill God's desire for her life. I must say, Emily, Melissa, a little part of me is already missing. I pray God's blessing on you both. I am sure this will inspire a tear-filled blog to come.


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