Buon Compleanno!

Today, I am thirty. Over the past few years God has brought me through some beautiful, deep (one might say terrible) places. He has graciously allowed me to emerge here at this age much different than I ever anticipated. I am "becoming." This humbles me.

The question you are asked when you are a new parent is, "Are you getting any sleep?" When you answer positively, people have no idea what to say. People miss out on the greatest part of the blessings of God because they focus on the negative. Most tend to think that turning thirty would be a negative experience for a woman. This excites me. I have determined this to be the greatest year of my existence. It will be a year of accomplishment, friendship, and love. This is the year I burst forth and embrace what God has called me to. For my birthday, I am crying out for personal revival. This year, I will come out of my shell, boldly embrace the life Christ offers me and spill forth on my sisters in Christ. At thirty, I embrace my God given abilities to be a wife, to mother, to write, to exhort, to be kind. My pursuit of the terribly interesting has just begun.

The secret I have realized is that terribly interesting people have a quiet confidence that makes you think they know something you don't. There seems to be some unspoken depth to them...as if the creativity of God looms about them (and they have no need to tell you any of their accomplishments). They are a peaceful people. That is my desire for thirty. May we have no need to share our accomplishments and just enjoy who we are. We are the righteousness of God. We are the head and not the tail. We are the lender and not the borrower. We are seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. We are His workmanship walking in the good works created beforehand for us to do. We have boldness and confident access through faith.
We are the bride of Christ.


Melissa said…
Look at that beauty smiling for the camera with her daddy! You have a lovely family.
Unknown said…
Stephanie... according to your definition of "terribly interesting," you already ARE terribly interesting!
suzi said…
Happy Late Birthday, my friend! So sorry we missed it! That little girl is so beautiful! Can't wait to see you guys again... :)

22One7.org said…
Thank you all. You are lovely and I am blessed by your friendship.

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