Lord, You are good.

The last few months of our lives we have felt like the sheep led to slaughter. It has been a time of such intense testing that we have often collapsed (me in tears) at the end of each day. Everywhere we would go God would remind us that there is reward for our suffering and to simply keep asking for what we need. That we did.

Every December and January are lean for itenerant ministry and we usually scrape by. As we have cried out to God with our hurts and our needs, He has been faithful to answer us and continued to minister to us. I would see it everywhere. Last night, I saw it looking at our calendar. Every weekend in our calendar for the month of January is full. 3 retreats, a night of worship, and the opportunity to lead worship at a conference for people who run camps. Bills get paid. God gets glory.

Yesterday, I was at my wits end. I broke down in tears several times just from the weight of ministry. I cried out to God and told Him my feelings. Today, I got up and went to get a car battery since mine is done for and I then went to Dairy Queen to grab some food. Listen to this . . . they got my order right. This has never happened to me. I looked up toward Heaven and said, "what are you up to?" I know when DQ gets your order right that it is something only God can do... Somehow, when they put in the battery it made my radio go off and my cd player come on. "You are God alone and Indescribable" played as I drove on home expectantly and opened my mail box..to a present, a card that says,"You are called to pray," and a check for a $1,000 (yes,dollars). These things were all from different people.

I called Denbigh and I said repeat after me. (You join in)
Lord, You are good and your mercies endureth forever.

On Monday, God told me a miracle was coming in the mailbox.


Melissa said…
You are right about DQ, especially the one in Kyle! What fabulousness! (is that a word?) Such love and faithfulness. I just love that He told you the miracle was coming. He's so amazing!
22One7.org said…
It's the third time He has told me that and it happened. God just fascinates me! Indescribible indeed.
22One7.org said…
Um yeah, Indescribable. :)
suzi said…
sometimes i cry. this blog made me cry. i love you.
suzi q

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