A Book In Hand

My first set of books arrived via UPS today. Those words appear terribly calm as I write them. I am not calm. I am an author. I must now think of how I can live a more eccentric daily existence.

The 93 page devotional is for sale at a cost of 10 dollars. Stop by and pick up your copy.

You can also order them online.

  • Patina on Barnes & Noble

  • Patina on Pleasant Word Bookstore

  • (I feel like Bob in the movie What About Bob when he goes sailing for the first time. He keeps telling everyone, " I am a sailor. I sail.")

    I am a writer. I write.


    Carla Jo said…
    Wow what an amazing thing our God has done. He fed you His Words and you obediently and beautifully and gently wrote them down. How cool is that? You're a writer. You write. You're a follower. You follow!
    Melissa said…
    I am thrilled speechless for you!

    May I have a signed copy?
    22One7.org said…
    Thank you, lovely ladies. Your kind words and encouragement mean more to me than I could ever say.

    Signed copies will probably cost and arm and a leg. Maybe you can get one cheap on Ebay! ;-)

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